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Artists' Point

Our Downtown Woods.

There’s a little patch of green relief breaking the horizon line where the endless blue sky meets the illusionary infinity of the big lake. It is Artist Point, a little connected island that allows you to be out on the lake without ever entering the water.

From the door of your suite to the center of the island is less than a half mile. Actually, it’s not an island, but a tombolo, an island connected to shore via a gravel bar. Within a few minutes, you can be on the quiet lakeside shoreline.

Things to do at Artists Point
  • Pick a comfy spot and just sit and look at the lake
  • Skip stones
  • Take photos
  • Read a book
  • Stack rocks
  • Paint the landscape
  • Write a postcard or a novel

After a while, you may want to meander to the east end and soak up the sun. Or catch the spray of waves. Or daydream. Or consider taking up sailing. Of course, all of this can be repeated on the East Bay side of Artist Point. For a little excitement, you can walk the east breakwall out to the Grand Marais Lighthouse and admire the village views from this vantage point. Not that it’s strenuous, but there’s a custard shop with a rooftop deck midway between Artist Point and your place at East Bay Suites. Just a suggestion.

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