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Gunflint Trail

Tour the Gunflint Trail

One of our favorite day trips is taking a drive up the Gunflint Trail, the paved 57-mile road from Grand Marais to Saganaga Lake on the U.S. – Canadian border. You could take our word on it that the Gunflint is a pretty drive, but the designation as National Scenic Byway is an impressive seal of approval.

What you can expect to see

  • Century-old towering white pines
  • Granite rubble left by receding glaciers
  • Forests regenerating post-fire
  • Sparkling blue lakes
  • Wildlife galore – fox, eagles, coyotes, timber wolves, black bears, and an occasional moose are to be seen just by driving the trail.

Of course, an occasional road sign, and a distinct lack of buildings along the way. There are, however, just enough buildings to provide for comfortable travel. Most obvious are that located mid-trail – a few shops, a few restaurants and a resort or two. Continuing north a turn on South Gunflint Lake brings you to a few resorts with restaurants and shops and outfitting services, the same as you will find at the very end of the road. One thing you’d be hard pressed to find to is a gas station, so fill up before you head out.