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Leaf Peeping

East Bay is the Perfect Fall Color Base Camp

East Bay Suites is known for its stunning views of Lake Superior, but our location also makes for the perfect fall color base camp! Between the nearby state parks and the famous Gunflint Trail, there is an abundance of fall color viewing opportunities nearby.

Local Fan Favorites


Take a 4-mile drive up the Gunflint Trail and you’ll climb 1,000 feet in elevation before parking at Pincushion Mountain. “Scenic Overlook Alert” After admiring the expansive lake views and bird’s eye look at Grand Marais, turn around and head into the woods. You’ll be surrounded by a colorful maple forest.


This trail/ 360 degree overlook is epic during fall colors. You’ll hike through maple hillsides to a loop with seven stunning overlooks of Lake Superior, the Sawtooth Mountains, Teal Lake and LeVeaux Mountain. Bring your camera! #instagramworthy 

LEVEAUX TRAIL (same parking lot as Oberg)

Dubbed the “Best fall colors hike on the North Shore” follows a ridgeline that rises over 1,000 feet above Lake Superior (There are steep cliffs so please use caution). This a fun hike with bridges over the Onion River and an amazing lookout from the peak which provides remarkable views of fall foliage.

HONEYMOON BLUFF (short hike to an amazing overlook)

Is near Hungry Jack Lake which is located right outside of the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area) off of the Gunflint Trail. “Amazing Panoramic View Alert” You’ll be above it all and see bright maple and oak trees popping with color as far as the eye can see. Views that extend over the Boundary Waters Forest and all the way into Canada.


If you plan on venturing north of Grand Marais then we highly recommend a quick stop at these two locations. “Spectacle Lake Scenic Overlook Alert” A favorite among photographers; Mt. Josephine provides stunning views of the Susie Islands and Isle Royale and in the Fall creates something truly glorious. The Hwy 61 overlook provides a wide panorama of Wauswaugoning Bay and Hat Point with a colorful display of changing birch trees beyond the overlook.


What to bring: A Fall Colors Hiking Checklist

  • Backpack
  • Walking Stick/Trekking Poles
  • Water (water for each person)
  • Cell Phone (fully charged of course)
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Food (bring some snacks)
  • Flashlight or Headlamp in case you plan on catching the sunset or sunrise
  • Map/Compass
  • Prescription medications for ongoing medical conditions
  • Whistle (to scare off animals or to use as a signaling device)
  • Don’t forget your camera!

Cover Photo of Oberg Mt. by Dennis O’Hara –

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